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A shared expertise to the client’s benefits

Plastiques G.P.R. Inc. offers a technical support to all its customers for the realization of their projects, small or large.

As a result, our team shares with them its expertise in the conception and design of parts in order to optimize their quality - a work carried out in collaboration with renowned mold manufacturers and designers.

3D Prototype

To make sure that the product respects the standards and performs its functions, our team develops a 3D prototype for customer approval. This way of doing things allows us to make the necessary adjustments before starting production, if required. 

Following design of the part, our team proceeds to the design of the tooling and the automation required for production. 

An important step

The design of a part is a step not to be underestimated. A carefully designed and thought-out part optimizes production and avoids unpleasant surprises, while ensuring a cost saving.

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