High Tech Equipment

1Our high performance machines

Our plant is equipped with over thirty (30) horizontal cutting edge technology injection molding machines. This provides quality parts with adapted production rates to meet your needs.

The variety of sizes of our machines allows molds requiring clamping forces from 28 to 2000 tons. Thus, we can mold parts from a few grams to several kilograms.

A large number of our machines are equipped with special options that permit us to accomplish high tech molding performances (barrier screws, accumulators, robots etc.)

A replacement program of our equipment ensures greater productivity and maintains reasonable costs. Therefore, we can offer our customers competitive pricing, while remaining at the forefront of technology.

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2High scale

Being the owner of a railway section allows more flexibility, a large amount of raw material may be received by railcar which strengthens our purchasing and negotiation power which is favorable for the customer.

With an automated system, the resin passes from the railcars to our silos, and is distributed to each machine according to its needs.

During the winter season, indoor silos allow us to condition the resin to room temperature and avoid condensation problems and possible variations of the process.

Resins and other supplies purchased in smaller quantities are placed in storage areas identified with a bar code for easy inventory management and to facilitate our forklift operator’s work.

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The height of the plant’s ceiling combined with overhead cranes with a capacity of over twenty-five (25) tons enable safe handling of the molds as well as very large equipment.

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4Automation technology

Several of our machines are equipped with robots capable of lifting large parts which results in: parts of superior quality, more adequate ergonomics for the operators and increased efficiency cycles.

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Our plant in Saint-Félix-de-Valois has a large variety of auxiliary equipment, necessary for the achievement of our customers’ projects. We can also develop and build tools adapted to the specific needs of certain items such as cooling fixtures and cutting stations.

A few examples of auxiliary equipment at your disposal:

  • Raw material dryers
  • Granulators
  • Scales
  • Conveyors
  • Gravimetric feeders and hoppers
  • Precise additive mixers
  • Hot Runner systems
  • External sequential injection system
  • Decorating equipment (printing)
  • High-speed automated assembly department
  • High performance assembly equipment

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