The environment,
our commitment.

Effective and responsible
energy management

Over the years, Plastiques G.P.R. has made it a duty to apply the environmental principles that contribute to the sustainable development of our society. Among the various interventions performed in the plant, are :

  • recovery of the heat released from the molds used to heat the building (based on the geothermal principle);
  • the use of closed circuit water to reduce waste to the maximum and protect the groundwater;
  • the triggering of lighting by motion detection;
  • replacing tar based fixtures by electronic lighting;
  • the use of highly energy-efficient lighting system, the purchase of equipment designed to be more energy efficient;
  • optimizing production and reducing the annual electricity consumption.

Waste management

  • The process we use does not reject any toxic fumes into the environment. The same for the raw materials that we consume;
  • The color concentrates that we purchase do not contain any heavy metal pigments such as lead;
  • Our employees are trained and made aware of lowering the number of non-compliant parts in order to reduce the rejection rate;
  • The feeding of our machines with mixed material recipes is done via a quick connecting system that allows for prompt color and material changes, and also reduces losses.

Low ecological footprint

  • All non-compliant parts are recycled internally in our regrinding room. We shred the parts into small pellets that we can reuse in our process. Each batch of material is identified in order to avoid cross-contamination of different polymers;
  • We regularly produce parts with recycled contents and may also use biodegradable materials according to the customer’s desire;
  • We dispose responsibly of all residual materials other than plastic (cardboard, hydraulic oils, solvents, metals, aluminum cans and water bottles);
  • Plastiques G.P.R. is registered in the eco-responsible program with the FEPAC in view of certification.