The infinite
possibilities of plastic

We, at Plastiques G.P.R., believe that profitability and business development are directly related to the development and well-being of our staff. Everyone is encouraged to reach their own objectives and develop their abilities and talents in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Thus, Plastiques G.P.R.’s employees
can expect :

  • adapted schedules according to their availabilities;
  • courtesy, respect, honesty and fairness
    regardless of the function or seniority;
  • the sense of value in achievement and work well done;
  • a functional workplace, safe and sound;
  • a structured work environment that promotes people’s well-being;
  • training-to-employment program;
  • the possibility of enhancing their personal and
    professional knowledge;
  • the presence of comprehensive and human employers;
  • pride in working for a well-managed company;
  • solidarity and teamwork;
  • their contribution to the success of the company.


Operator-assembler (french) Electromecanician (french) Setter-regulator (french) Production supervisor (french)


What our employees say about us:

Comprehensive and human employers, courtesy, big heart, real people, expertise, listening and sense of a job well done